Using the new but not improved

The new but not improved has a prettier display, but lacks some functionality compared to the old version:

  • Major prep for most majors at most campuses has not been updated since the 2016-17 academic year. The same appears to be the case for general education information.
  • The search for a major and similar ones across all UCs and CSUs is no longer available.
  • The ability to list nearby CCs with links to major prep listings for a given CC and major at a UC or CSU is no longer available.

Some tips on using the new but not improved

  • If you want a quick overview of major prep courses from a CC to a specific major at a UC or CSU, you may find that articulation by major may not be selectable (in which case, you can only get articulation by department, meaning a list of which of the UC's or CSU's department's courses can be covered by courses at your CC). If this is the case, try selecting the 2016-17 academic year to see articulation for major prep courses.
  • However, because lower division requirements can change, it is best also to go to the major web site at the target UC or CSU campus and look up what the lower division requirements are. Then use the most recent articulation by department to look up each listed course to see which course at your CC covers it.

As of now (when this was posted), UCs and CSUs that have major prep articulation more recent than 2016-17 on the new are the following:

  • CPP (2018-19)
  • CPSLO (2018-19)
  • CSUDH (2019-20)
  • CSUFullerton (2019-20)
  • CSULA (2019-20)
  • CSUMB (2019-20)
  • SFSU (2019-20)
  • SSU (2019-20)
  • UCI (2019-20)
  • UCLA (2019-20)
  • UCR (2019-20)
  • UCSB (2019-20)

Thanks for this! I think I pinned it at top. If not, I’ll get it up there. ?