Using Work-Study Database for non-Work Study jobs?

<p>So I don't qualify for work study. One of my friends told me that some of the jobs posted on the work study database don't necessarily require that. Is this true? Sorry if this is a stupid question. </p>

<p>And anyone have any other leads to on or off-campus job posting locations I could visit? </p>


<p>I'd say the vast majority of jobs on the work-study bulletin are strictly for work-study recipients. However, I did spot one or two that were not strictly work-study positions. So in conclusion, the work-study bulletin is not a good place to search for non-work study positions (who knew?) as the tiny few jobs that are posted there that are not strictly work-study are likely posted elsewhere (i.e. regular job bulletins) and scouring the work-study jobs bulletin for non-work study positions would be cumbersome and impractical.</p>

<p>You know you said work-study 8 times?</p>