USMA Summer Program and Athletics

<p>I've considered applying to one of the service academies before, and I recently heard about the USMA's summer seminar. I plan on applying to the summer program to get a better idea of what the Marines and the academy are like.</p>

<p>I have very strong academic and leadership skills. Here's a brief rundown:
Grade: Currently a junior.
ACT: 29 (from 10th grade)
PSAT: 198
GPA (3.9 out of 4.0)
1. Owner and founder of successful Internet business earning thousands per year.
2. Web design for school and local hospital.
3. Internship with National Park Service's National Center for Preservation Technology & Training as part of school's required work service.
4. 200+ service hours at hospital (EMS & IT) and local summer camp.
5. Won 2nd in state for computer science in 9th grade.
6. Speech & Debate, Beta Club, Tech Squad, school ambassador, & more.</p>

<p>I attend a state boarding school in Louisiana for academically gifted juniors and seniors where everything is taught on the college level.</p>

<p>The problem: The only mistake I made in high school was not joining an athletic team. I did letter in basketball in 9th grade at a different school for being the team videographer, but that's it. I do enjoy running in my spare time, however. My friends and I often run on the track or around campus on a course to stay in shape.</p>

<p>I understand all of the service academies require a high level of physical endurance. I am willing to train as much as is needed to get in the right physical shape. </p>

<p>My questions are:
1. Will not having the right athletic credentials hurt me drastically, or do my leadership and academic achievements make up for it? This is for both the summer program and the academy.
2. I have plenty of time to get in shape before the summer seminar, if I'm accepted. If I explain to them that I am currently training to get in better shape, will that help my chances? Or is this even necessary?</p>

<p>While I believe you are good to go for the Summer leadership, I believe you should try to join a sport next year. Join crew or how does the playing sports with NCHS work? SLS wasn't to physical, we did PT for an hour or so each morning, but we did take the candidate fitness assessment while we are there. You also must pass it to get into the school. Also, I'm not sure if you know, but USMA is army. If you want to know about the marines then you want to look at Navy. Hoped that helps. </p>

<p>I'm assuming you go to LSMSA? What part are you actually from, if you don't mind me asking.</p>

<p>Thanks for replying. I realize the Marines isn't part of the army. I should have slowed down typing.</p>

<p>I'm from the southeastern part of the state. I do go to LSMSA. I had a feeling someone who read this post from LA would pick it up. What school/part of the state are you from?</p>

<p>I was actually planning on joining crew when I arrived at LSMSA, but the school decided to cut it because it was simply too expensive to operate.</p>

<p>A few students do play at NCHS, but from what I've been told it doesn't always work out. LSMSA is very demanding academically, and the NCHS coaches don't care if you have three tests and a term paper due the next day. LSMSA has a few sports teams going: basketball, flag football, and ultimate frisbee, but not much else.</p>

<p>They dropped crew? That would of been the only reason I would go to LSMSA. Intermurals might be good enough, I'm not an expert though. It can't hurt to contact admissions or the regional commander though.</p>

<p>Just to let you know, for the Class of 2011:</p>

<p>1,178/1,305 (90%) of those admitted participated in Varsity Athletics</p>

<p>(<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;)&lt;/p>

<p>For the other 10% not in varsity athletics, they either went to a HUGE high school where it was insanely difficult to be on the varsity team and thus they made only JV, they are from an international school or a really small school that does not have athletics available and thus they played in a competitive rec league, or they are INSANELY smart (near perfect ACT or SAT, top of their class, perfect GPA, with extraordinary leadership) and have shown athletic potential through their CFA.</p>

<p>Point of this post: From the facts, athletics are a critical role in getting accepted to a service academy. If I were you I would tryout for a spring sport at my school right now! Good luck!</p>