USMMA, Studying, SetBacks

Hey all,
I was recently accepted into USMMA. I got an LOA, so pending a nomination & medical qualification I will be attending.
I’ve never been strong in math, I always pull out As & Bs in my high school math courses, but I fully recognize that KP is different. Calc & Physics are the “plebe killers,” from what I’ve heard. I absolutely dread being set back, or even failing a class.
Does anyone here go to USMMA & can offer some studying advice, or setback reassurance (something like “oh it’s not that common”)? Obviously I don’t plan on settling, but being setback I feel is a legitimate concern that I want to be aware of before it happens. I’m willing to work as hard as possible to succeed, but a little outside advice would be extremely helpful.
Really I’m loking for general advice on surviving academically! Thank you!

I had posted about NCSU & VT in regards to civilian schools & ROTC, but now I know my heart is set on KP, & that I’m not just in it for the free ride & whatnot. I really, really want this. I really want to succeed.