USNA admitting college students

<p>I am currently enrolled in college and am also a candidate for the USNA class of 2015. I was also a candidate for the class of 2013, but did not complete the application process due to family influence. It is a decision I deeply regret so I have applied again.
I understand that it may be harder for someone already in college to receive an Offer of Appointment which is why I posted this thread. Any information on the subject or advice on the application process would be very much appreciated.

<p>It is the same. Some have applied and been accepted after three years of college. Keep trying.</p>

<p>The majority of new appointees are right out of high school - but not substantially so. I have no statistics to support this, but I'm guessing the service academies, on average, have the older freshman class than most universities - when you consider those admitted from NAPS, those coming from the fleet, and those coming from colleges.</p>

<p>I'm not aware of any quota on the issue of age or prior academic experience. If you meet the requirements for admission, you should be given fair consideration. In many ways your college experience should be a PLUS.</p>

<p>Critical to your acceptance will be content and quality of your college work. Notably, have you taken the calc, chem, physics, etc., i.e. similar type courses to USNA curricula and how'd you do in those. If you've been a music major, that might be your swan song.</p>

<p>just curious as to why you're considering the academy after a few years of college. why not suck up the last few years and go to the end you'll be an 01 all the same, why waste a few more years of your career</p>

I understand that it may be harder for someone already in college to receive an Offer of Appointment


<p>actually, just the opposite.
As many as 1/3 of the incoming class has at least ONE year of post-HS education, either through NAPS, college, or the Foundation schools [in that order]. What you will have working in your favor is actual performance with college level work.</p>

<p>To echo what has already been posted, the coursework you take in college WILL matter. Calculus, Chemistry, English lit and History should be on your list, and grades in the A and B range will be important. </p>

<p>Don't hesitate for one second to toss your hat into the arena- get the application done this time; there will be time for you to make YOUR decision once the offer has been [hopefully] made.</p>