USNA Letters of Recommendation


For the naval academy, it says it needs a letter of recommendation letter that should be from your 11th or 12th grade teacher. However, I feel that my 9th grade English teacher knows me much better due to him also being my track coach. So if using my 9th grade English teacher won’t be allowed, then how do I change who I send it to?

You are being evaluated by the academies partly on how well you follow instructions during this process. Follow them to the letter. Do not guess, substitute, insert your own interpretation, or deviate one inch from what you are requested to do. If an LOR is required from your 11th or 12th grade teacher, do not start a thread asking how to get around that. Just procure an LOR from your 11th or 12th grade teacher. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. If you really feel a need to have this conversation, have it with your BGO (and no one else).

Are you using the 9th grade teacher for your other applications? If so, you within the common app you will add this other teacher as an additional recommendation. Then when you send the application you select which letters to send with it.

The first thing you’ll learn in any of the academies is to follow instructions. Do as they ask.

If you feel the need to question or consider disregarding such a simple, straightforward instruction you may want to consider if a service academy is the right choice for you. If you apply, do exactly as they instruct.