USP pharmacy information?

<p>So i've been looking around and i really can't find too much student-based reviews or facebook groups on USP. I understand that its a private school and smaller than public schools but i want to try and interact with other admitted students to see what they are doing. Is there already a facebook group for incoming freshman in the fall of 2012?</p>

<p>hey…ive searched through all of facebook and the web and haven’t found anything either! I just sent in my deposit for the pharmacy program today and I’m trying to meet future classmates and a potential roommate…this is quite frustrating</p>

<p>I know what you mean… but don’t worry there’s a bunch of other people out there trying to find information about the school, such as myself. It is rather frustrating since this is such a small school but rest assured a facebook group is up for the class of 2016/2018 :smiley:
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I’ll make a new thread just to post the group</p>