USPS and Transcript

<p>I sent my official transcript from the CC about 2 weeks before the July 15th deadline. At orientation, I was told that it STILL hasn't arrived (at that point, it was about 3-4 weeks since it was sent by the CC) by regular mail (I'm guessing, USPS?). Did they lose the mail?</p>

<p>The new deadline is August 13th. I'm worried that if I send another transcript by regular USPS mail, it won't arrive on time. I've heard of horrible nightmare stories of a 3-day requested mail not arriving at all.</p>

<p>Is USPS unreliable when it comes to deadlines and mail? Do they lose the mail often? >.<</p>

<p>If UCSC doesn't receive the CC transcript by the 9th, I'm probably going to have to request another and PERSONALLY drive down to Santa Cruz and deliver it myself - sending by regular mail scares me ahaha.. Any suggestions? X:</p>

<p>that'd probably be the safest way. </p>

<p>it sucks that SC doesn't accept transcripts through the internet.</p>

<p>wait...i think it does accept transcripts through the internet. my high school uses to send transcripts to colleges, and i've had no problem with it so far.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, the community college doesn't send transcripts through the internet. =[ Only by mail.</p>

<p>My mom is going to be so mad if it doesn't arrive this time, haha.. the gas price to drive down to UCSC (about 2 hour drive) verses requesting USPS to send the transcript mail ASAP (some kind of service, 3-day or overnight)?</p>

<p>Sorry for the double-post but what do you guys think is faster? UPS, FEDEX, or USPS? X:</p>

<p>Believe me, I've faced SOOOO many problems when it has come to transcripts. UCSC didn't get my CC transcripts when I was entering ucsc as a freshman, took 4 months for ucsc to get my CC transcripts when i took courses over the summer, and almost got my admission to cornell rescinded because ucsc AND one of my CC's "may have lost my transcript after processing my order."</p>

<p>If your last deadline is ever within 2 weeks, ALWAYS follow up. Call up your school or transcript sender (mine was Credentials) and yell at them for losing such an important document. Credentials resent a new one, free of charge, and upgraded me to 3 day priority shipping. If that doesn't work, just pay the money for the priority shipping.</p>

<p>If you're coming within 2 days of the deadline... just go and deliver it yourself. Save yourself from being rescinded and get the job done yourself. </p>

<p>If you're going to ship it yourself, I'd go for USPS and get priority AND a return receipt/delivery confirmation.</p>

<p>Does your CC have the right address?</p>

<p>The only way to know for sure that the UCSC Admissions office has your transcript is to walk it in there and give it to them personally. Even with a FedEx tracking number and name of the person in the office who had signed for it, the woman on the phone said she "couldn't guarantee" it was there until she had it in her hands. This was with the July 15 deadline looming -- we drove another copy down there. Every other person I've dealt with at UCSC has been great; the admissions office was another story...</p>

<p>To OP, if you don't live far from UCSC, I'd recommend you drive it down there. That's what I did.. And they entered it in immediately!</p>

<p>Within two hours of Santa Cruz is not far at all. That's how far I live and it's easily an afternoon run. Make a day of it :). If you can, take your mom with you and take her down the pier or go walking around campus. Based on the troubles you've already had, I would just hand-deliver. It's not worth the stress to try mailing again.</p>

<p>When I did mail some documents (not my transcripts as I hand-delivered those) to UCSC, though, I used USPS's registered mail via priority shipping (two-three days). Everything arrived within one day.</p>

<p>I'd say it's more likely the financial aid office lost your transcripts than the USPS.</p>

<p>Just saying...</p>

<p>Transcripts do not go to the financial aid office. They go to the admissions office. They are two entirely different entities that are not located in the same office. Same building, but different offices and floors of said building.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! I used USPS's priority shipping with tracking.. hopefully, it will arrive by the end of the week or else I have to pay (about $15) for another transcript. ;__;</p>

<p>Where do you go to personally deliver it?</p>