USPS or UPS...taking bets!

My daughter is still waiting on a package that was sent via USPS on 12/14 from NY to MD. The USPS tracking has not updated in weeks. It made it to NJ on 12/18, them showed up in Des Moines, IA (!!) on 12/19. The next and last update on 12/23 just says “in transit to next facility.”

Despite the fact that 3 weeks have gone by since then, the Etsy seller is refusing to refund her money because it is still showing as “in transit” even tho that was 3 weeks ago!!

BTW, had I known she was buying herself stuff (she is 15), I would have for sure told her to wait until AFTER Christmas when things settled down at the post office. This wasn’t a gift, just decor she was buying for her bedroom.

I did just mail a deposit check for a lease for my college son from MD to CT. I decided to send it via priority mail, not b/c I needed it there quickly but because at least I would have tracking. The postal clerk said, “I know this is 2-day priority but it probably won’t get there before Friday.” I mailed it yesterday ((Tues). I told her I was not in a rush but that I did not trust first class mail to get it there at all. She kind of chuckled and said, “Yeah, that’s unfortunately probably true.”

File a claim for the undelivered package. I think all priority mail has a $50 insurance value.

Yep the USPS priority mail I sent on January 4th - says delayed in transit and hasn’t updated status since the 8th. Of course, I sent it priority because it needed to get there fast and is valuable (car title for a totaled car being mailed to the insurance company). So Priority and packages are just as messed up as first class right now.

I have no doubt priority mail is also still messed up, but I figure at least there is some tracking on it. I haven’t actually checked the tracking on my envelope since mailing it but probably should look to see if it made it out of my state yet.

I mailed something that was important and time sensitive via Federal Express on Saturday. They said it would arrive by Wednesday. I checked with my son (the recipient) on Wednesday and he had not received it yet. So I looked up the tracking number, and it said they attempted delivery on Tuesday but I had provided an incorrect address so it had been returned to the FedEx facility.

The address WAS correct; plus I had provided my son’s telephone number (they didn’t call him). I was able to reach FedEx yesterday and confirmed the address was correct. It was eventually delivered late yesterday.

No idea what happened, but even when you spend extra $ to make sure your important items get to their destination by a deadline, things go wrong. At least I had a tracking number.

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After 10 days of no activity, my priority mail envelope is in the correct town - hopefully they deliver it tomorrow