USPS or UPS...taking bets!

Well…add Fed Ex to the group! I sent a package from Wolfermans. It left them supposedly on Feb 6. The soonest it will be delivered is Tuesday the 16th. Really?

I’ve ordered from Wolfermans in the past and things were delivered within days. My order said it would be delivered by the 12th.

It’s in fed ex purgatory.

USPS is still delivering slowly. I sent a package priority to my daughter, took 8 days to get there. NE PA

And slower delivery may become permanent.

I don’t consider what I’m about to say is political, but if the mods think so, then please delete:

The harm being done to the USPS is dangerous. There are millions who either due to habit or lack of tech prowess do not receive bills electronically, but by mail. These actions will cause lots of bills to be paid late, with accompanying late fees applied.

Louis DeJoy needs to be removed to save the USPS. I would say this if he was Democrat, Republican, Whig, Tory, Lyndon LarRuche party, whatever. Saving USPS is not political.


And now fed ex is saying that the “severe weather” might further delay the shipping of this package…which is food. Gotta love it.

It’s beginning to look like pony express is maybe a faster service.

In 1861, riders traversed the westward route in seven days, 17 hours to get a copy of Lincoln’s inaugural address to California. The Pony Express was by far the most effective way to communicate cross-country at the time—at least until the telegraph came along.


I mailed a 5 x 7 envelope to my daughter in Northern Virginia and a smaller note card to my daughter in a Baltimore suburb on January 13th. The envelope reached Virginia in 3 or 4 days. The card still hasn’t gotten to there. My December cable bill arrived 8 days after it was due. It is crazy!!

If your cable company is like the one we use to have, they probably charged a late fee and said it was your fault for not knowing when the bill was due regardless of when it arrived.

Our mail carrier was out for a couple of weeks and the subs failed to deliver most of the mail. The supervisors never take any corrective action. I feel sorry for the regular mail carrier who works so hard and hears most of the complaints.

I was fortunate. The cable company did not charge a late fee. I always pay as soon as I get the bill. The gentleman that I spoke to with the cable company said that they had had a massive number of calls like mine. We hate them, but I will give them credit for not charging us.

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If the cable company had a ‘massive’ number of calls about receiving bills late, maybe they mailed them late? Maybe it was their outgoing mail system that was the problem and not a massive number of mailmen who didn’t deliver on time?

It probably takes only a small percentage of bills to arrive late to overload the phone system with complaints about it.

Yay hooray. My package was delivered to my friends today. But…my email said it was left in front of their garage. There are four adults who were IN the house all day. Guess it’s too much work to ring the doorbell!

But they got the gift and really like it a lot.


Or DHL. Had to share this somewhere. I ordered two swimsuits on sale from a company in Dallas. They sent me shipping info that it would be sent via DHL then delivered by USPS. One week later, no update so I called. They contacted DHL who said the package was never received. I was given a refund without even asking, kind of disappointed because these were a close out, only one suit each in my size.

Earlier today, for fun, I checked the tracking. Lo and behold, it said the package had been in Compton CA (two hours from my house) at 11:00 am PDT, then in Melrose Park, IL at 1:00 pm CDT. They must have beamed it cross country! So I called DHL, they said the package is in Melrose Park and yes, it might have gone from Texas to California to Illinois to go back to California. She said an international package going from the US to Canada might be routed through Germany.

There’s a separate USPS tracking number, and they only have the Compton info.

Since I already have the refund, I will wait patiently and see where this package goes next. If it really exists.