UT Arlington

<p>anyone out there going to UT Arlington under the CAP program?</p>

<p>I went to UT-Arlington for Cap 2 years ago. It's a nice campus and the students body is pretty diverse. The only problem with UTA is the city of Arlington...there is nothing to do around campus. I lived on campus in Arlington Hall, which is 10 times better than any dorm at UT. You'll enjoy your time there...a year goes by rather fast.</p>

<p>You can go to a Rangers game every day...lol.</p>

<p>and Six Flags</p>

<p>and if you stay there for a LONG time....Cowboys games...</p>


<p>masmaha1234 ~</p>

<p>hey can u tell me anything specific u think i shud know bfore going to arlington? like what professors to take/not to take.... any recommendations?</p>

<p>Anyone familiar with the natural sciences at UT Arlington? My review of the the requirements for the Biology major and class schedules indicates that many critical classes are taught only every other year. Can undergraduate students expect to spend at least five years finishing a science degree?</p>

<p>I'm visiting there tomorrow. I may choose it over UTSA for cost purposes.</p>

<p>I visited UTA and UTSA this weekend and I'm pretty torn. The dorms at UTA were really nice but the campus at UTSA seemed better. One thing that surprised me was that I heard only 49% of the kids that participate in the CAP program make it to Austin the next year. Can anyone who has done the program maybe give me an indication of how challenging the program is? I've been accepted to UF and UGA but I'm really leaning towards the CAP because of the in-state tuition. I think this would be a bad move if it's really difficult to maintain the 3.2. If you've done the CAP program I'd appreciate your input and your opinion on either UTSA or UTA.</p>

<p>damn, only 49%? That's not good. But Im confident I can do it and that I was robbed of admission anyway. It may sound arrogant, but its just the mindset I have. But wow, getting stuck at UTSA or UTA would be a virtual end of the world scenario</p>

<p>actually...49% DECIDE to attend UT Austin the following year...I knew plenty of people who had 4.0s but decided to stay at UTA. Don't worry about the stats...it's easy to get above a 3.2, especially at UTA.</p>

<p>I met with a CAP adviser, and she showed me a sheet saying that about 350 CAP people went to utA, and about 1100 went to UTsA. I also liked the UTSA campus better, and believe I'll be going there next year.</p>

<p>yeah..i was at the open house during easter break. that 49% INCLUDES kids who even though met the CAP requirements, decided to stay at utsa or transfer to a totally different school.</p>