UT at Arlington or Texas Tech for Masters in Engineering

<p>I am an international applicant and got admits from UTA, TTU, Lamar University and CSULB.
Of which i shortlisted to UTA or TTU so i am going to end up with texas anyway. So i would like to know your opinion on this. </p>

<p>The things that i know is that UTA is on the city side and TTU is quite remote. Also, engineering in both the universities is better but in which univ. is it best that i don't know?</p>

<p>I would like you all to compare this univ. based on Engineering dept, sports, hangout places, study environment, and any other ideas which you can think of. All are welcome!</p>

<p>which engineering?</p>

<p>Mechanical Engineering....sorry to have not mentioned that earlier</p>