UT Austin admission decision for Fall 2021/Class of 2025

Hey there, I submitted my application to UT on Tuesday September 29th and they received it within 2 hours. They also processed my documents very quickly and earlier tonight it said your application is complete and about an hour later it said it was in review. Do you think there is any chance I will receive a decision within the coming weeks or months? I am not an auto admit, and it seems like everything is moving pretty fast with UT thus year.

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@UTgrad95, wow! That is some fast moving admissions work! How exciting for you! Hopefully, this is an indicator of how quickly things will move this fall. My son’s app was submitted August 28th and was quickly complete and put into review as well. Come join us over on the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2025 Admissions/Discussions/Decisions page and we can hang out together while we wait. A couple of students have already gotten in over there so that is exciting to hear as we wait.

Hi there! My son is also awaiting decision for UT Austin. Been several weeks
Not an auto admit.