UT Austin class of 2025 business majors

I’m currently a high school student and just got automatically admitted to UT Austin and I was wondering how hard it really is to get into McCombs Business School…I feel like I won’t get in and was interested in majoring in accounting.

High school rank: 14/580
GPA: 4.1
Clubs: NTHS, NHS, SNHS, FBLA, Varsity golf/tennis, student council
I’m also an owner of my own small business
Classes: mainly took lots of science classes, 7 DC classes, 2 which were business, 4 APs
ALL A’s student
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian

HOWEVER, I never took any SATs, ACTs, or submitted any AP scores along with any standardized tests since they were optional and now I feel like I should have. What do you think my chances of getting in are???

Hi @Miaarred ! I’m in a similar situation as you, but here’s a website that I found to be pretty helpful https://texadmissions.com/blog/2018/5/16/advice-for-ut-mccombs-school-of-business-applicants. Did you apply for the business honors program? If so, have you received notification about an interview yet? Sending good vibes your way!

Hello! @galgirl123 I was filling out an application, but felt discouraged since I had no test scores to record on the application and therefore thought I had no way to get in compared to the hundreds of other applicants that have excellent test scores, so I haven’t completed it. I’m not sure if I should complete it considering it would be a bit late in my opinion, but if I don’t, I’ll consider transferring/applying next year when I’m a freshman. (I’ll just have to work my butt off if I want to get in) If you have any advice or info/experience let me know!!! Thanks for responding!

Although they do take test scores into consideration, I’m sure that if you have some great extracurriculars, volunteer hours, work experience, and a solid GPA, you have a pretty good chance! The best advice I could give you is to just do because why not lol? The worst that can happen is you don’t get in, but there’s always the chance that you do.

Business is extremely competitive at UT. I would strongly suggest you take the SAT if you want to gain admittance to Cockrell.

Cockrell is engineering.

McCombs is business school. Both are hard to get in and both routinely reject top 1% even if they are auto admit.

You get to McCombs first, then after fulfilling accounting class requirements you then will be considered for Accounting major. UT Accounting has no direct enrollment as Freshmen.

SAT is good to have but not mandatory this year. UT focuses more on course relevance and strength. For Business School having AP classes like Calculus, Statistics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Government, History (US and World) and some foreign languages will benefit you far more than the SAT scores. UT is known for using class rank, but for competitive majors, they have a different set of metrics for each department.