UT Austin Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Chesney Coker at Tower Realty. He will tell you exactly how to go about obtaining residency.

isn’t that as simple as buy the property/primary-residence before sept 12th and you can qualify for next year as resident?

someone was asking for a realtor.

The residency office at UT has a very specific list of things you need to provide them.

The realtor I recommended was helpful to us when we did this for my daughter a couple of years ago.

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Basically. There isn’t much he will tell you that you can’t do on your own with another realtor, however I will add this part with him since we used him too. He is at least good to use in terms of telling you where you can easily find renters if you’re looking to get it rented out quickly and based on the location. One place we were going to buy wasn’t ideal to UT so we took a pass The property we did buy is up more than 35% in value and we are actually tempted to just stic it up at some crazy amount at this point to see if we could sell it.

As far as residency, there are some things he was clueless about and getting the information from the residency office and others who have been through the process I would recommend before going through him. Also, buying before that 11th day (or whatever the number is) of classes (I’m not sure it’s sept 12) is vital, but the sooner you get it the better. We bought ours in May and it enabled my student to get residency then in May and then too summer school for 1/2 off last year while working an internship. If she had waiting until September to buy (or apply) then no discounted summer school, etc.

Not sure I would use him to sell. He definitely doesn’t understand the tax law implications with the tax return (husband is a tax atty) so you want to have someone who is familiar with rental income and the texas information if you do not live there. You cannot just pick some random other address for the tax return as he suggested we do. So on that he is not knowledgeable on.

Fortunately, he doesn’t really deal with the property management side of things. If he did we probably would’ve bolted. It’s his company but another person that runs that side of things to deal with.

As a realtor he’s more than adequate and he will work hard for the dinky commissions. Although now that ours has gone up so much not sure the commission is so dinky anymore. :slight_smile:

I got offered an on campus housing contract but in the end I decided to stay on an off campus residence: how do I decline the offer? On the housing portal I don’t see any button, but only the confirmation and payment one. It said I should confirm by May 6th, if I don’t will it automatically cancel?

No idea. I would think by not confirming that’s the same as It canceling on it’s own.

I got capped, but I’ve heard of some people getting pulled out of cap and into direct admission in the summer time. Would I have to pay my enrollment deposit/commit to my cap school to be in this pool of kids who might get DA?

I would think so. My daughter got CAP as well and she received notice from UT Arlington that she had to make a deposit by May 6th (I think) or no longer be considered a CAP student. She chose another school and won’t be making a deposit to UT Arlington. I’m assuming she will just drop from all UT admission consideration soon.

I’m officially overwhelmed by housing options. Two questions. 1) What are the least expensive student apartments within easy walking distance of campus that have full kitchens for cooking our own meals (and avoiding getting locked into a meal plan altogether)? 2) Is the least expensive option to share a suite with 4-6 other people?