UT Austin CNS Honors 2025

Hey, all! Has anyone received a decision for any of UT Austin’s CNS honors programs (Polymathic Scholars, Dean’s Scholars, Health Science Scholars) yet? I’ve heard they are typically released throughout January and February…

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I was accepted to HSS on December 23.


In case you didn’t know, there is another thread called “University of Texas at Austin Class of 2025 After you’ve been accepted…Q&A”. Come join us over there too to ask questions and get answers. There may be a bit more traction of readers following the threads. With this new format, I find it is too much trouble to search for random UT posts. I just go to my bookmarks anymore. Congratulations on your admission to UT and best wishes for your Honors admission!

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Thank you!

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Can anyone read this please:
https ://talk.collegeconfidential.com/t/ut-austin-class-of-2025-cns-honors-acceptances/2808215?u=bch1111

I can’t copy a direct link but remove the space after https