UT Austin Fall 2021 External Transfer

Advice for Fall 2021 transfers, stats, chance me, and more.

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Hi guys I am looking to apply to cockrell school of engineering at ut austin. I want to apply to electrical engineering. This fall was my first semester of community college and I took:
EDUC 1300: A
Federal Gov: A
English Composition 1: A
General Chemistry 1: A
General Chemistry 1 Lab: A
Calculus 1: A
Current GPA: 4.0
In progress for the Spring will be: Uni Physics 1+lab, Gen Chem 2+lab, Cal 2, Texas gov.
What do my chances look like?

I can’t chance you but I can give you some advice. Really spend time on the expanded resume. It is really important for transfers. My Spring 2021 transfer’s resume was 6 pages long. Also, pay attention to the essays. UT wants to know what they have that your first university didn’t. They want to know that you know them and why you want to be there. They want to know why they are the place for you and your major.

Hey, y’all! What are my chances of getting in as a transfer this fall?
My overall GPA is 3.6 and I applied for psychology in liberal arts. My high school extracurriculars were very unique and I did some things during my first semester of college too. For one of the essays I talked about having Bipolar Disorder and that’s why I wanted to do psychology and what I could bring to the UT campus.

Hey guys it’s may hopefully decisions start coming out sooner than last years!

Also who here is trying to transfer into college of education?