UT Austin, is it a good university?

<p>Also, are there any good universities in Houston besides Rice? I am looking into medicine as a career, but I may switch over to engineering. I really like Texas. What are my chances at these places: (OUT OF STAT)</p>

3.92 W
3.50 UW</p>

Jun: 690 M 640 V
Oct: 660 M 660 V
Dec: Planned</p>

Nov: Planned</p>

<p>Solid ECS
Born in India</p>

<p>since your out of "stat," i'd say you won't get in. You need stats to get into any school.</p>

<p>If that was a typo, then I think you can get it. BTW i'm aplying UT austin too with 1370 SAT 3.9 UW out of STATE.</p>


<p>LOL! Yep, I meant out of state.</p>

<p>UT places much weight on class rank--need to be top 10% or so.</p>