ut austin mccombs

<p>post your opinions , what do you think of it, how good is it as a program</p>

<p>Great program. Do you have anything specific to ask?</p>

<p>BHP is tops</p>

<p>awesome accounting. great value, especially if you're in BHP.</p>

<p>bhp is excellent....regular mccombs not so much. Way to much disparity between students.</p>

<p>grandpa..can you elaborate? I have a feeling I know what you mean though.</p>

<p>Couldn't disparity be beneficial though if you can be at the top of the pack?</p>

<p>Also any of you mccombs people---</p>

<p>what kind of job offers did you see juniors/seniors getting? mainly non-BHP..i was rejected and although I'm confident I can make the grades to get in next year I'm planning on graduating in 2.5-3 years so I don't think it's feasible for me.</p>

<p>any non-bhp'ers go to Wall St</p>

<p>how bout med school lol ?</p>

<p>Plenty of non-BHP'ers also go to Wall St. & med school. Keep in mind that these people generally have 3.7+ GPA's. There are plenty of extremely intelligent people not in BHP.</p>