UT Austin Out of state

Public school in PA
Rank: 4/465
GPA: 4.662 weighted
SAT: 1570
ACT: 35
AP Scores: Calc AB, Chem, Lang, Macro, Micro 5. World 4

Varsity Tennis 3 years (spring sport), captain 1 year
German Club secretary
Math Club
CCD Teaching (volunteer) 100 hr
Work as dishwasher since July

2 Recommendation letters

As of right now, my essays are decent, but not incredible. Will that make or break me getting in? Applying first choice electrical and computer engineering, second choice business. Also, any chance of merit scholarships if I do get in?

I’d say based on class rank and test scores alone that you’re almost guaranteed to be admitted. The only thing you might need to be concerned about is making it into the engineering or business school but you definitely have some pretty good odds so I wouldn’t be too concerned. Definitely give it a try

You have solid numbers for ECE OOS admission, possibly engineering honors as well (which could qualify for consideration of some scholarship money).

Thanks for the reply!