UT Austin School Selection help

Hi! So I’m applying to UT for the fall of 2021 right now and I have a question. I really want to get into McCombs school of business but I know that it’s really hard. It’s my dream school and if I put that as my first school choice major will it lessen my chances of getting in? Compared to if I put an easier choice instead. School of education is my second choice but I’m thinking about changing it to first choice so I have a bigger chance. so my question is also does it matter what u put as your school of choice? I would change my school choices if it meant it would give me a better chance of getting in.

We have the same question! My son would like to apply to Computer Science #1 and Electrical Engineering #2. We have heard that they only look at the second choice major if you are auto admit and then it could be very iffy. Somewhere I read that only 5% of the time they look at second choice majors. I honestly can’t remember where I gleamed that stat so take it for what it worth (not much!). My son is homeschooled so not auto admit status.

Yeah I’m not auto admit either so I don’t know where I would stand. I heard for auto admit they can put you In undergrad if you don’t qualify for either of your top two school choices. I would just rather be admitted into UT for education than not admitted at all because I didn’t qualify for McCombs, you know?

Are you more interested in getting a degree in Business, or are you more interested in just getting any degree from UT (whatever that happens to be)? If you would be happy with majoring in Education just so you can go to UT, then you are better off listing Education as your first choice because it is not as competitive as admission to the McCombs School of Business.

If your plan is to get admitted to the College of Education and then try to change your major to Business once on campus…BE WARNED!! UT allows little to NO transferring between colleges. Many students have tried the old trick

“I’ll just focus on getting admitted and then switch to Business once I get there”

only to find they were stuck with the major for which they were admitted.

If Business is your passion then apply to McCombs as your #1 choice and see what happens. If you do not get in then focus your energy on another university. There are two or three other universities, just in Texas alone, that can take you as far as you want to go in life with a Business degree from their school.

Good luck!