UT austin transfer, major confusion

<p>hello everyone, I am new to cc and in need of some real help
I am a freshman at a private university in texas and I want to transfer to UT austin college of liberal arts next fall. As of now I am trying to choose my courses for university. I'm thinking about majoring in economics but I dont know what other subjects I should take. I dont know how the credit system works (as I was educated in england) and how many subjects I have to take. could anyone tell me what other courses I should take to complete requirements for College of liberal arts at ut austin. please please help me if you can! thanks a million in advance =)</p>

<p>also right now I am an out of stater but once I complete my 1st year at a texas university and have a drivers license will I be a texas resident? I hear admissions are much easier for in state people?</p>

<p>Your best bet would be to look at the core of UT and try to take similar classes at your school, such as your introductory government, science, math, english, us history, etc...courses. Intro classes tend to transfer well, whereas upper division classes don't transfer nearly as easily. </p>

<p>Admissions for in-state residence is easier. For the COLA, you'll need around a 3.5+ to have a good chance of transferring.</p>