UT austin

<p>What makes UT austin so much harder than colleges like UTSA or UH?</p>

<p>some of my friends that transferred to UT austin said it actually isnt too much harder while some say its extremely hard, im thinking about transferring also can anybody give me any information on why or how much harder UT austin actually is? im currently a freshmen Bio major at UH for pre-med.</p>

<p>Just because a university is more highly-ranked doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be more difficult. The competition will definitely increase though.</p>

<p>I know someone who transferred from a cc to Texas A&M, and he said some of the courses he took at the community college were harder than the courses at A&M.</p>

<p>It will vary by major and even class. If you're pre-med, you're probably better off at U of H--fewer pre-med students wanting a status school and competing for grades.</p>