Ut austin!

Gender: F
Location: Texas
College Class Year: 2012
High School: Public
High School Type: sends some grads to top schools</p>


<p>GPA - Unweighted: 0.00
GPA - Weighted: 4.091 (on a 4.0 Weighted Scale)
Class Rank: 73
Class Size: 588</p>


<p>SAT I Math: 690
SAT I Critical Reading: 680
SAT I Writing: 690
SAT II Biology - M: 690</p>


<p>Significant Extracurriculars: Dance
Leadership positions: Organized a fundraiser that raised $5000 to give to a dance company in India that teaches disabled students in India how to dance. Also was a part of the committee that organized a 5K walk to raise mo
Volunteer/Service Work: Worked over 100 hours in the Muesum of Nature and Science
(more of my volunteer work in Leadership box)
Honors and Awards: Master of Ceremonies at many different shows. TFA State qualified. UIL State qualified. UIL 4th district place.</p>

<p>Thats a part of what I do, there is quite a bit more. </p>

<p>I was wondering what my chances are in making it to UT Austin?
It is my top priority, and I really would like to go there as a Biology major, will I make it?</p>

<p>Yikes. It may be unlikely, unfortunately. As you have probably heard, UT Austin is extremely difficult to get into. They used to take pretty much only "top 10-percenters" and a small portion of out-of-staters, since Texas legislation used to guarantee any Texas public to any in-state top-10-percenter. But that tended to fill all their slots with Texas top-10-percenters, hindering their admissions decisions and their desired diversity. Furthermore, some top-10-percenters from not-so-rigorous schools had to be admitted in the past (Texas legislation) ahead of, say, top-15-or-20-percenters from other very rigorous schools who were actually more qualified. UT Austin was able to get legislation passed last year that now allows them to accept "only" the top 8 percent (!), which allows for more discretion on UT Austin's part, rather than filling their classes with auto-admits, but it also makes it even less likely for you!</p>

<p>UNLESS ... are you a super-talented dancer? And do they have a good dance program there? If so, dance may be your in!</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Wouldnt it make it more likely that I get in, since I go to one of the most competitive high schools in Texas?</p>

<p>I'm afraid not. I really don't think so. I'm not saying, of course, that you WON'T get in. Who am I to say anything, really? But I do know for a fact that UT Austin is highly, highly competitive. More so than one might imagine for a public school. And LOTS of applicants go to one of the most competitive high schools in Texas. That's exactly why UT Austin wanted to change the top-10% rule -- to allow them more leeway in choosing their applicants. But, alas, they're still bound by the top-8% rule now.</p>

<p>You MIGHT get in. But you asked about your chances ... and unfortunately, I think they're not really great. Since you love it so much, though, you should definitely apply! And then be sure to pick some other schools that you also love and apply there.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>