UT Austin

<p>Ok so basically I am about to go into my senior year and I've been wondering what my chances for being attended in UT Austin are. The reason I am kind of wondering is because of the first two years of HS which were terrible I believe I ended it with a 2.8 gpa. But in junior year I basically decided to change my life and I managed to get basically a 4.0 gpa for that year. And I'm just wondering if I get all A's in senior years while taking 6 honors classes, will I have a good enough chance to get into UT Austin?</p>

<p>Other Information-</p>

<p>-SAT score was a 2300
-200+ hours of volunteer hours (more than half of those hours are from volunteering in a clinic)
-Played basketball for the school last year
-I attend a school in Texas which is one of the top high schools in the city of Houston.
-And in my years so far in high school I have taken 8 honors classes total in core classes. 2 in freshman year, 4 in soph, and 2 in junior year</p>

<p>It would be extremely helpful to have your overall uw and w GPA, but with that kind of SAT score and upward trend (continuing your senior year), you are a solid candidate for UT. You might even want to elaborate on how you were able to turn things around on your long essay. That was a nice story....</p>

<p>My school does gpa on the 6 point scale, so my current weighted gpa is a 4.7</p>

<p>Where do you go to school, Texasproduct? I too live in the Houston area (Woodlands High School) and am applying to UT.</p>

<p>Based on your GPA, I guess you aren't in the top 8% of your class, are you? That would make your chances of acceptance suffer a bit, considering the vast majority of UT's freshman class will consist of top 8% students. However, your SAT score is far above the average admit's, and your upward trend puts you in an advantageous position. If I had to guess, I would say you have an excellent shot of getting in.</p>