UT BHP vs. Northwestern MMSS?

Hi everyone! I am a rising senior who is interested in both the University of Texas Business Honors Program, and the Mathematical Methods of Social Sciences Program at Northwestern. Both of these programs are really prestigious, but I’m not really sure how to compare them.

With UT, I get cheaper tuition (in-state), though, so that might factor into everything. I am also considering applying ED to Northwestern for econ, but if I get into BHP (and not MMSS) is it worth it?


Both great programs. Both hard to get into so have a plan B.

How important will $ be? UT BHP is an amazing deal for in state kids. You may well get some $ if admitted, too. How much can your folks pay?

Hi @Lizardly! Money is really important to me, but my parents are okay with financing my college education… but I really don’t want to burden them (I have a sibling, too). I also recently found out that my tuition at UT will practically be free because of some in-state fund my parents set up years ago, so there’s that. I am not sure if I will get into BHP or MMSS though. I’m applying to both, but I’m not sure which program to aim for (because that’ll affect the schools I apply ED/regular to)!

Apply to BHP and UT quickly, before whatever the first deadline is. An acceptance won’t be binding, and it is easier (so they say) to get into the selective programs if you apply before that first deadline. (Is it in October? I can’t remember. My kids never made it in time…)

FWIW my kids applied to Texas first. As auto admits, they wanted one acceptance in hand. Also, the essays were not easier, but were on topics that fit them better. They had fun with those essays. One kid did not do any ED, the other did and was deferred.

I am not familiar with that NW program, just NW in general.

If you are likely to stay in Texas for at least your first job, BHP is a great deal. And if your folks have that savings plan, UT is even harder to turn down.

I will add that the non ED kid, the real slacker, did get into an honors program, but because of relatively late app, didn’t hear until pretty late in the spring, way after his more on the ball friends heard. Other kid, who missed the early date by a day or two (due to sports), ended up wait listed for a special program. He wishes he had applied just a few days sooner!