Ut cap program or texas christian university

<p>I was accepted into TCU in fort worth texas and was also given the option for the UT CAP program. The CAP basically has you stay one year at UT's feeder school UTSA then if you maintain the grades you can transfer to UT your sophomore year. I don't know if i should go to TCU which is lower ranked, but experience a real freshman year or accept the CAP and only attend UT for three years? SO CONFUSED</p>

<p>How much will TCU cost you compared to UT (Austin and San Antonio)? If the money isn’t issue, next consider you own discipline. I ask because according to the UTSA newspaper:</p>

<p>Between 2001 and 2009 the CAP program had contracts with 14,181 students, with only 5,139 (36 percent) actually successfully completing the program. Out of the 14,181 students enrolled in CAP, UTSA had the largest number of CAP students in the UT system with 9,804 (69 percent) and 3,849 (39 percent) of those students successfully completed the program.</p>

<p>A 3.2 GPA may seem easy but get stuck in one weed-out class, a poor professor, or just not enough self-discipline, you won’t be transferring. If you go to TCU, a 2.5 won’t keep you from coming back the next semester. </p>

<p>If money isn’t an issue, I would recommend TCU because the odds don’t look so good at UT. If money is a concern, make sure you’re prepared to stay at UTSA or look for another school.</p>

<p>Unless UT is your dream school and you will do whatever it takes to transfer, I would highly recommend TCU if you want true college experience for all 4 years. It is a beautiful campus, nice dorms, great athletic programs, greek life if that interests you and if not there is still plenty to do.</p>