UT CAP Updates/FAQ

Hey everyone, feel free to ask me stuff about being CAPed, I’m offering any and all advice about how my life changed alot once I got into college.

One of the most important advice I can give is:

If you’re one of those students who were lazy in high school and just didn’t study who got CAPed, find a NEW studying strategy. (I learned to actually REwrite my lecture notes and start a week in advance and study everyday for an exam actually got me 4.0’s in college; but also I was strong at math because practicing writing and redoing math questions help alot.) In high school, I pretty much only looked over my notes and didn’t really study…

You can still take up the CAP no matter what major you want to get into at UT, if you’re deadset on going to UT, and you were simply a lazy student who ended up in the top quarter of your HS without studying much, then try your butt off in college. A high GPA (4.0) in freshman year pretty much guarantees entrance into any major. Just remember if you’re deadset on it, it’s definitely possible.

I took this route instead of going to auto-admit A&M and look at how it paid off.

When do you notify if you get accepted or not?
I was a cap at utsa and applied to fall2018 but i havent hears anything from ut yet