UT challenge to Supreme Court

<p>Affirmative</a> Action - Could Justice Alito's Vote Change the Game? - Yahoo! News</p>

<p>A girl said she was not accepted because she is white.</p>

Brown v. Board of Education is the greatest case ever decided, and it held that racial discrimination in public education is unconstitutional.


Exactly. I've never understood why college apps, especially those for public universities, ask about race. What difference does it make?</p>

<p>Yeah, but you can sometimes tell with last names....which sucks.</p>

<p>college are funded if they accepted a certain number of minority but I am dont see how UT can use AA if the demographic African American 4.6 %, Asian American 17.6%, Non-Hispanic White Americans 50.6% Hispanic American 20%, Native American 0.3% International 4.7%. Hispanics Americans and African Americans UT percentage are below the Texas Census. I know other college use and abuse AA but I don't think UT discriminate on race but ranking :/ I always pick "prefer not to answer" and if I am force to choose a race like in UCLA app i pick Mixed Race or other</p>