UT Dallas Class of 2026 - Admission Discussion

Would u mind sharing the letter blanking your personal info. We did not file FAFSA and I thought for AES it is not required. Thank you

Have all the AES decisions been released? D has not heard anything which is surprising. She applied Oct 30th, and got accepted Dec 7th. FAFSA is on file.

I am instate but sounds good thank you!

Your timeline sounds almost exactly like my S. While he was accepted at all the places he applied, not all have completed the financial part of the picture including UTD.

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AES released today are for the Approvals through only Nov 15th. Also my email says "any application approved after Nov 15th will be processed for AES in Jan 2022.


Thank you that is very helpful.

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Where did you see that about FAFSA? When I called them last month, they said FAFSA was not required so we did not file. My daughter received the $16,000 amount in-state.

Would any of you whose kids received AES be willing to share stats?

My dd received $6,000 per year. Homeschooled, SAT 1440, 25 dual credit hours, GPA 4.0

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Daughter’s stats: 2/675, 1550 SAT. She got $16k a year.

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My daughter received “UTD top 10% scholarship” of $3,000.

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My daughter’s stats: Homeschooled. SAT 1570. ACT 34. 58 dual credit hours, 4.0 GPA. National Merit semifinalist. She also submitted the optional essay, extended resume of leadership, work, and volunteer experience, and letters of recommendation from 2 dual credit professors. She got $16k a year for AES.


8/811 (aka top 1%) 1460 sat 16k super random since sat is pretty low but had many leadership positions and orchestra awards

Is AES stackable with NMF package? How does it work?

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Those two are not stackable. The NMF package replaces AES.


Any idea when Terry Scholarships would come out? Is it possible to appeal AES awards? A subsidized loan isn’t what we were hoping for. TIA.

AES cannot be appealed but you can send questions to UTD. It is tiered award so very likely based on rank and SAT scores.

Terry Foundation Scholarship deadline will be January 5th, so results won’t come out until Feb to March.


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Anyone receive AES that was accepted after 11/15?

Nope, not yet

any idea when next AES decisions come out ?