UT Dallas Class of 2026 - Admission Discussion

Let’s have this forum to discuss about UT-Dallas class of 2026 freshman admission issues, progress, acceptance, financial aid and any other admission related stuff.

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Compared to previous years, new ApplyTexas (http://goapplytexas.org) site is lot less user friendly, has issues entering activities into the application. Colleges also have issues receiving application and there is probably a growing backlog. Like other Texas schools it may be at least one week delay getting response or receiving a netID from UTD.
I submitted an application for my son 3 days back.

Dd submitted her app on 8/6 and has yet to receive an ID.

My daughter submitted hers at the beginning of the month and has yet to receive an ID. I am guessing that it is an Apply Texas issue

The issues with the new ApplyTexas has me wondering if it’s better to use the Coalition App for applying to UT… has anyone used Coalition and gotten their UT EID in the 2-3 day timeframe? My son has his application pretty much ready to send in (he’s just waiting for NMSF announcement first). I don’t know which application he should use at this point!

GoApplyTexas has information in compact format whereas Coalition spreads it over 15+ pages. For example, Coalition puts background/Family Info in different sections with lot of blank spaces all over the app. Unlike ApplyTexas, Coalition has limit of 5 Honors&Award entries, 8 for all activities (work, volunteer, clubs). Coalition is designed for all U.S. schools, so some info, e.g., detail of High school, counselor, and SAT are put into application which are not even asked in ApplyTexas.

I think about application reviewer gets some 20-30min to finish review an application. The question is how the reviewer will grasp Coalition app info spread over 15+ pages.
At the moment, ApplyTexas issues are being worked through by colleges. It may be good to wait few more weeks and see.

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My son submitted his application ApplyTexas on 8/17 and no ID yet either.

Daughter is still working on the applytexas application. But she is asking her teachers for letters of recommendation. On the UTD website it says to upload them to galaxy. Does this mean the student asks their teacher for a pdf of the letter of rec and the student uploads it to galaxy? Or will galaxy have a link or something via which the teacher submits the letter themselves?

How many days, from applyTexas submission, does it take for UTD to respond with an ID? I applied only a few days back.

Not sure UTD has responded to anyone since 8/1. My son applied 8/17, he has not received anything yet.

Texas A&M looks like is responding in 4 to 5 days when app is submitted using GOApplyTexas.

UT-Austin started responding on 8/29 for those applied before 8/31.

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Dd finally received an ID from UTD this morning.

I also received a UTD-ID this morning, the email also informed me that I would receive a Net-Id within 24 to 48 hours

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I just got my NET-ID for them

Received NetId from UTD yesterday

Admitted into BS computer science, fall 2022.

Congratulations! Can I ask are you an auto admit? And when was your application completed please? Congrats, again!

Auto-admit. App submitted 8/17, completed end of August.

Admitted into bachelor of science in finance. Auto admit applied august 29th.

Admitted to B.S Computer Science. :innocent: Applied one week back.

Did you get any AES?