UT Dallas Class of 2026 - Admission Discussion

Did you get any AES do AES decisions come after admissions?

No AES yet. Admission letter says this:

“All eligible students who submit a complete application by December 1st are automatically reviewed for
an Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES). Students who are awarded are typically notified on a rolling
basis beginning in late December.”

May I ask what your stats were? I applied for the exact same progam and I’d like to know what my chances are.

2% in HS; over 1500 in SAT.

Same as the other poster tomr512. “submit by December… Students are awarded on rolling basis”

My son sent his HS transcript. His Xello account from high school says it was delivered (not just sent but delivered) to the university on the 7th of Sept but his portal still reads “required” meaning not yet received. Anyone have trouble with this? I don’t think they will start considering him until they have received that. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to check on that end either. I know that it took two weeks to get his ID so maybe everything just takes a long time. Anyone else have these issues? TIA.

On our end, parchment status indicated transcript was downloaded by UTD same day. Application status indicated all green next day. There is no way to know when UTD receives transcript from their portal. I would suggest to call admission.

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Of course the portal recognized it as received today, thank you. One less thing to worry about. Now we wait.

Anyone hearing back from UTD? Looks like it’s been 11 days since anyone has posted an acceptance on this forum.

Have not heard back from utd . Mine is not an auto admission and I had submitted my application in early August . Still waiting on a decision.

Daughter has not heard back. Shows status as in review committee online in galaxy. She is auto admit.

Finally something new- in the communication section an email inviting my DS to apply for a Terry Scholarship. Wondered if this means anything? He is a review admit. Anyone else? First change in a while so grasping at straws.

My daughter received admission notice yesterday for Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication program. She is top quarter and and submitted SAT 1380, 700 reading 680 math. Hope everyone gets good news soon!

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Congratulations! Can you tell me when your daughter applied and when her application was complete? Thank you.

Thank you! She submitted her application August 1st but did not receive her Net ID until September 3rd.

Same here- my son received his NetId on that same day 9/3, but his transcript wasn’t uploaded until 9/16. Do you know when your daughter’s application was 100% complete with transcript? Sorry to bother, just had hoped he would hear by now. He is applying to the same program and has similar stats as your daughter that’s why I ask. The wait is killing me. Thank you!

My daughter hasn’t heard yet either and she is auto admit. Top 10%. She has already received acceptances from the other colleges she has applied to. I guess UTD just takes longer? I think her application was complete and in review by 9/7.

Let me look and see if I can figure out when her transcript was sent

I can’t tell when her transcript posted. I even went to her high school page (they use Naviance) to see if I could figure it out. What day did he first send his application? They do show her submission date as August 1. Maybe that is why she heard so soon. I was honestly surprised. I know we requested her high school send transcripts out in August but I’m not exactly sure of the date that they went out. Since he has similar stats I’m sure he will hear soon. Maybe tomorrow. Fridays seem like a day info is often released. Fingers crossed for you!

Thank you for looking and for your kind words. Congrats again to your daughter! E

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