UT Dallas Class of 2026 - Admission Discussion

It’s interesting my daughter applied to UTD, Texas A & M, and ASU at the same time and received those other acceptances already. TAMU acceptance 9/23. ASU 9/15 acceptance.

My daughter is waiting on A&M but heard quickly from UTD. It seems to be very covert how all of these university admissions work.

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Has she logged in and checked the AIS for TAMU? My daughter didn’t receive an email acceptance but it appeared in the AIS.

Yes , she has checked there. But she isn’t top 10% so I expect it to take quite a while to hear back from TAMU

Gotcha. :crossed_fingers:

Did anyone hear anything yet from admissions yet ? Still waiting on mine .

Still waiting. Ugh! Got the net ID on 9/3. Transcript was sent a week later but didn’t upload until 9/16, so tomorrow will be three weeks. From what I’m reading from last year’s posts and up above it takes 5 to 6 weeks but that seems like a long time. My DS is a review admit but has good stats so I was hoping to have heard by now. This waiting is killing us! Well me, really…:slight_smile: Last year they had a wave according to the thread on Tuesday, October 6th, so I had hoped to hear something yesterday, but crickets. Maybe today?

Still waiting. Application complete and in review with transcript received and everything 9/7. Auto admit top 10%

my son is in the same boat, applied on 08/18, received net ID on 09/03, transcript uploaded on 09/16 and still waiting for decision. stats with 4.42 weighted GPA, 1430 SAT, varsity tennis team and bunch of ECs, 11 AP & 11 Honors courses. out of state though. any advise of admission decision? greatly appreciated.

No problem. A friend’s kid is a sophomore got a 1360 and top quarter and received a scholarship.

Got in today, Auto Admit. Application showed complete 2 days ago and the acceptance showed up this morning.

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Congrats! My daughter’s still shows in review. She is auto admit too. Her app has been complete since 9/7.

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It showed up in my portal this morning, haven’t received any communication yet. Please ask her to check the portal.

Portal shows:
Application Date


(transcript received 9/7)


Arts, Technology, and Emerging

Application Status

Undergraduate Committee Review

Maybe they are doing a batch today and she will get it later today.

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any out of state admissions yet? how long does it usually take at utd if anyone knows? Please advise.

I thought for sure there would be a wave this week. Anyone get any acceptances this week? It’s 5 PM on Friday, and I hear crickets.

same boat as you with kind of same dates, no luck yet. Are you in state or OOS?

In state. My son is auto review, but pretty solid stats. He completed his application 9/7 but his transcript took forever to upload, which was 3 weeks ago yesterday. From what I read here seems to take 5-6 weeks after everything is uploaded, which would mean at least 2-3 more weeks of this agonizing wait. Just wondering if we are all in the same boat.

looks like UTD is already backed up and it’s not even busy filing time yet

Still in review.