UT Dallas Class of 2026 - Admission Discussion

Admitted. :white_check_mark:


Got admitted!!


Grasping at straws here…today I noticed that at the top of the portal where it says “Applicant Center” there is a scroll down menu that says “UT Student Center”. This leads to a different menu of choices including “My academics” and “Manage my classes”. I have not noticed this before. Maybe it was always there? I’m hoping this is new and it means we will hear something soon. Does everyone have this available on their portal?

I ask because I also read posts for other colleges. There is a sign that your acceptance is coming if the portal changes to certain things sometimes.

I observed the same today after your post, not sure what it means. Bottom line, we are still waiting for the approval

Looks like you could be right. My son had admissions in other universities and had all these student related links but the schools with no admissions yet di d not have student related links. Hope our evaluation is correct

My daughter has the same additional menu options, but we don’t know when they appeared (or if they were there all along).


any new admissions or further updates?

any recent admissions from UTD this week?

Nothing here, crickets! My son is a review admit with high scores. His application was complete 4 weeks ago yesterday. Consensus on this blog seems to say 5 weeks so I’m sure hoping he hears from them by the end of next week. This is too much stress!

My son just completed 5 weeks of waiting after the application was complete on 09/15. nothing today and hope in another week

My daughter was admitted this week after almost 6 weeks since her transcript was received. They said they had more applications than usual this year, so they were buried and going a little slower than usual.


Will be 6 weeks tomorrow after the application was complete, no decision yet. Not sure what’s happening at UTD. It’s really tiring and hope they move the applications to finish line soon.

Today is six weeks for my son and nothing yet either.

Does anyone know what time UTD updates their portal? I follow another college that does it at 7 am. I spend my whole day checking the portal when I don’t know.

do anyone know if UTD update the portal on Thursday or Friday?