UT Dallas or Texas Tech for EE

<p>I am transferring from a community college and have been admitted to these 2 schools for the EE program. Which would you choose, and please don't suggest UT Austin or A&M, as much as I would like to go to either one I don't have the gpa right now and already have 60 hours so I need to transfer to a university. I am from Houston so I guess U of H is also in the mix</p>

<p>go for Texas Tech</p>

<p>UTD has a pretty good EE department, perhaps because it was originally started by TI and still feeds heavily off the high-tech industries in Richardson.</p>

<p>Ya the EE at UTD is pretty good I am just do not know how it compares to Tech or vice versa</p>

<p>Texas Tech is higher ranked than UT-Dallas for engineering, though the difference is pretty insignificant.</p>

<p>Personally, UT-Dallas is a commuter school (I think there aren't any dorms) while the social life might be better at Texas Tech because of the football program there.</p>

<p>Go to UTD. It actually does have dormitories, they've been recently added - and despite the lack of a football team - the fact is that at UTD you can start new clubs, or even pursue new majors or disciplines since the University is so incredibly new. Also, while Tech is higher ranked for engineering - UTD's career recruitment potential for EE is absolutely brilliant - with so many high tech industries concentrating themselves in Dallas area, the chances of acquiring a good job are significantly higher than that of Lubbock. Recruiters want to come to the Dallas Metro area - they don't want to go all the way to Lubbock.</p>

<p>Since TI founded the place, you're essentially guaranteed a job in the EE dept there coming out of UTD.</p>

<p>I kind of suspected that when I was researching UTD and went and visited it, it seemed like the EE's from that school will easily receive a job. They said that they have 500 high tech companies in 5 mile radius so potential for co-op/internship is very high. That being said Texas Tech would probably be better socially, however that being said, I just watched my brother graduate for Ole Miss as a EE and has not found a job, only a few engineering majors at his school had jobs at graduation and that in my opinion shows that the school isn't that great. With that holding true for Ole Miss (oxford, ms is not really near any industry) I feel that Texas Tech would have similar results being as it is out in BFE Lubbock.</p>

<p>The only exception is that Mississippi isn't ranked in US News' engineering rankings, Texas Tech is and it's slightly higher than UTD. You won't have a problem getting a job from either school. I'm not pushing for Texas Tech even though it would be my pick but you just have to pick the school you feel more comfortable at and if you feel more secure in getting a job at UTD, you should go there but you'll be fine at Texas Tech too.</p>

<p>you are probably right</p>