UT or Texas A&M Engineering?

So I’ve recently been admitted to both UT and A&M for engineering (chemical and general, but will most likely still go into chemical) and was wondering about everyone’s opinion on both schools. Which is better for engineering or STEM in general? Or does it even matter since they are both so closely ranked? Which one has more or better opportunities for students? How’s the school spirit at each? etc. I will say that A&M did offer me a little merit based aid and UT will most likely not since its known they are not very generous with that sort of thing. I honestly like both schools and plan to go to one or the other since I’m in state and the value just can’t be beat for either one. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Texas A&M has a secondary admission to major (Entry-To-A-Major or ETAM) process that is competitive (with three essays in addition to college record) if you do not earn the auto-admit college GPA (currently 3.5). There are threads about it in the Texas A&M forum section.

You may want to find out whether chemical engineering is a more or less competitive major at Texas A&M.

Austin and College Station are so different from each other that I’m surprised you don’t have an idea of where you’d like to be based on that alone. Big university in the city or big university in a much smaller city. Liberal versus conservative.

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At UT, chemical engineering grads earn $81K with pretty stout companies. Also, 94% participate in work or research experience before graduation. I couldn’t find comparable statistics for Texas A&M but would suggest inquiring what opportunities are available.