UT Plan 2 Class of 2024

I was wondering if anyone has heard from Plan 2 yet. According to last year’s thread, the first documented acceptance was on 11/16 and the person submitted their application on 10/21. I applied to UT on 9/3 and submitted honors application on 9/16.

I heard back on 11/22 and submitted honors application on 8/22

Heard back 11/22, applied 9/1

Congratulations @mz1818 and @momofzeke123 . Did you see it in portal or did you get email/snail mail?

My daughter applied 10/1 and heard back 11/22.

Would you guys mind sharing your stats? Mine are in state 4% rank at very competitive public school, 4.8 gpa, 1550 sat, 14 aps (all 5s and one 4), national merit semifinalist, national ap scholar, president of multiple clubs, law firm internship, td ameritrade internship, started esl classes, bpa state qual, works 20 hrs/wk, selective gov’t internship (one of 20 selected out of 700, recognized by texas supreme court and texas house for efforts), trilingual, other volunteering, and yale young global scholars alum.

Have you heard anything yet lenniesmall? You certainly sound like the type of student they would love. I don’t know why they wouldn’t? My dd is in state, auto-admit. Applied beginning of Sept, admitted 3 weeks later. Notified in Nov that she got into COLA. Didn’t submit Plan II and Honors app til Nov 29 though. She hasn’t heard anything yet & it’s driving me crazy. Wondering how many in-state auto-admits were admitted in Nov? There isn’t a lot of chatter about Plan II that I’ve been able to find.

Son just got accepted into Plan 2! Notification came through the portal - no email or letter so far.

Congrats 2024CuriousDad!

IIRC, my son got an email from the Director of Admissions (for Plan II) a few weeks after he accepted Plan II Honors in MyStatus. I’m pretty sure that he’d already received the welcome packet in the mail, because that’s what made him look at MyStatus again to see that he’d been accepted to Plan II.

I was also accepted into Plan II!
My stats are not super impressive but I am in state top 4% of my class, 1300 SAT, 7 APs (3’s, 4’s, and 5’s), 4 years of marching band including area advancements, 3 years state competitor for Solo & Ensemble, member of NHS, science & spanish NHS, Social Studies UIL, symphony orchestra, and my only leadership was being an ensemble leader for a state competition.

Congratulations @jpb2020 !!!

Your “stats” and accomplishments are indeed impressive, actually! It is not easy to achieve a top 5% finish, period, let alone as a member of marching band and orchestras (huge time commitments). And, on top of all of that, you have to demonstrate your passion for learning (for learning’s sake), commitment to the pillars of excellence, and be an exceptional writer. So, congratulations; Your brightness & passion shone through, and you managed to impress one of the oldest and most prestigious honors programs in the country through your hard work, leadership (you’ve demonstrated leadership in even more ways than you think), natural curiosity, talent, academic tenacity, imagination, energy, and unbridled potential-- a game changer. You’ve just found your tribe among the brightest minds! That’s all you! :slight_smile:

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Good to see a Plan 2 community taking shape! And good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back.

Anyone here waiting for CNS Honors? We have applied for Dean’s and still waiting for decision.

My child was accepted in plan2 in Dec. Anyone received an invitation to apply for dedman scholarship? We received a letter today to apply. Does anyone know if there are any other scholarships that plan 2 students are eligible for. When I called, they said there weren’t many for freshman

@JPB2020 - I have stats similar to yours. What do you think I need to do improve my chances to getting selected into Plan 2 Honors.