UT Turing Scholars vs. Berkeley EECS

Title. I was fortunate to be admitted to both programs, and I’m stuck at which one to choose. I’m in-state for UT so its more than half as cheap for me, although money is not an issue at all - simply put, is Berkeley worth the extra 150k over Turing?

Simple answer, no.


Turing is awesome. We are out of state. My son, who is now a junior in CS at a different school, said he’d pick Turing over EECS 3 years ago. Very personal touch. Especially if you are grad school inclined. If you want CA jobs though, especially small startups, EECS will give you better exposure. If you are targeting any of the national market big tech jobs, or even the east coast jobs, Turing should place you exceptionally well.


Turing is amazing and in state. Easy decision.


One day you will grow up and realize - wow, I really did my parents a solid.

Maybe they’ll buy you a car.

This wasn’t a real question…you just don’t realize it yet.

Good luck.