UT West and North Campus Apartments

<p>Does anyone here have a suggestion on where to get a cheap/decent apartment 1 bedroom/1 bathroom around West and North Campus (Below $750)? I'd prefer the apartment to either be in walking distance or on a shuttle route such as the IMF Route, Research Route, or on the West Campus Bus.</p>

(10 char.)</p>

<p>I'm searching for apartments in West Campus too, because there will probably be no dorms left for transfers... The singles are a bit pricey (all 750+) so I'm looking at all the other ones.</p>


<p>My roommate is studying abroad in Australia for the spring, so I have an extra spot. The place is two story- the first floor has the living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony, fireplace, and coat closet. upstairs is the bedroom, bathroom, huge closet, and washer and dryer (behind a closed door). The upstairs bedroom window shows the UT tower and the balcony shows a little shopping center with Pluckers, Saxby's, Cookie Lounge, a salon, etc. Its two streets behind campus!!!</p>

<p>The rent is $500 plus less than $50 in bills which is SUPER SUPER cheap for west campus. It's a prime location, fully furnished, painted, and decorated, and very spacious. The only thing is that the upstairs room is shared. Currently the room has two beds, two desks, filing cabinet, dresser box, shelving unit. YOU DONT NEED TO BRING A THING!!! </p>

<p>Im an aerospace engineering major so Im never there, besides the fact that im always with my boyfriend so youll have plenty of privacy. I also have pictures so let me know....</p>

<p>It's going to be difficult to find a 1 bedroom for under $750. I live at Jefferson 26 on 26th and Rio Grande (student living) and a one bedroom can be anywhere from $1300-$1700 depending on size. I live in a 4 bed- 4 bath and my rent is $880 (this price includes pool view, a parking spot, but not bills). </p>

<p>Finding a 1 bedroom for under $1000 is difficult. Try looking around for smaller, older, apartments. North is cheaper than West campus. But WC has more that is going on!</p>

<p>I have been reading lots of reviews and the only good apartment (100% recommendation by apartment ratings with rave reviews) in West Campus seems to be West 24th Street Apts. o.O It's a fair deal at $875 1/1 bedroom/bathroom with all bills paid (water, electric, gas, internet, cable, parking). I might look into this, or if anyone has any recommendations, please tell. Jefferson West & 26 have had pretty bad reviews, so have many others. I also might look into Dobie or Castilian b/c they're furnished and close to campus.</p>

<p>I found a place at the Vintage West Campus Apartments for around $850 a month (2 bedroom). I was wondering if anybody had some good reviews about VWCA? I dont want to be in some poorly managed, party filled apartments (cough....The Quarters...cough) !</p>

<p>Xcellerator, I had my lease in the castilian. the single room costs 6200 for the semester. I wanted to be closer to campus.</p>

<p>Isn't Vintage West Campus one of the newest aparments built last year? Ugh, I've read so many bad reviews about the Quarters and the Block. >.<</p>

<p>xtra - How is the Castillian? Is it as bad as the reviews say?</p>

<p>bumping for more input.</p>

<p>I am also interested in any Vintage West Campus reviews, as I have already signed a leased for an effiency unit @ 795/month. Its a new apartment so I haven't been able to find reviews online. Anyone know much?</p>

<p>tmt90 did you go through an agent, or did you contact the Vintage yourself? How far is it from campus? That price sounds pretty reasonable.</p>

<p>Xcellerator, everything is new in the Castilian. Especially the elevators; they have all been replaced. The lower floors (including the floor where the lounge and study rooms are) have been renovated. I have never toured their rooms. They excused themselves saying that all the rooms are filled with residents. No problems so far except the one mentioned in my thread.</p>

<p>are there many sophomores in the Castillian?</p>

<p>That I cannot say because I did not meet anyone during my tour of the Castilian. sry cpq</p>

<p>The Vintage West Campus Apartments are "sold out" of efficiency units until Fall '11 (WOW). :(</p>

<p>cpq, I got my efficiency at Vintage through myself. I just applied online back in October and I signed my lease with my deposit October 25th. By November they called to tell me my room number and that I got the last efficiency unit. So yeah, I got lucky! Its really a prime location, right behind pluckers and just a block from Quarters (nueces house). Im pleased with my decision, since I was completely lost when deciding among other apartments.</p>

<p>you can check out if the apartment you want have any sub-lease through heylonghorn.com</p>

<p>High speed Internet, cable, and maintenance are NOT free. They are bundled into the price of the lease. In fact, the bundled services probably cost you more than if you contracted for them on your own because the landlord takes financial responsibility for those services and pays the bills for the tenant. </p>

<p>You are also paying for the pool and gym facility whether you use them or not.</p>

<p>If there is a cost to the landlord for providing a service, that cost is bundled into the lease and passed on to you. Otherwise, the landlord is losing money by providing that service and not recovering the cost.</p>

<p>If cost is a consideration, you are better off by leasing an apartment where you can contract only for the services that you need/want rather than paying for bundled services that you don’t need/want.</p>