<p>what are the chances of getting into University of Texas at Austin for an out of state applicant???</p>

Whats yours stats? I'm applying as an international out of stater. I only have about 100 % chance because I have a 1370 SAT. lol hopefully</p>

<p>3.6-3.7 at a top 10 ranked high school in CA
1270 SAT (retaking in Dec, hopefully 1350s)
American Cancer Society rep for my school
Youth Action Council-comm service group (100+ hrs)
active in church youth group
built homes in Tijuana with Amor Foundation-3 yrs (400+ hrs)
2 years soccer team
1 year swim team
Key club-secretary
4 years of summer program at Cal Berkeley (Acadamic Development Program)
Youth & Government</p>

<p>3 great teach recs (2 academic, 1 personal), 1 counselor rec</p>

<p>whats ur input?</p>