UTA vs GSU vs UArizona for Computer Science

I am a international student, and i got admitted to UTA, GSU, and UArizona, but i am really confused to choose which one of these for my computer science major. I really look forward to see myself in a very safe environment.

For reference i got scholarship from all of these colleges:
UArizona - $22,000
GSU - OOS Tuition Waiver
UTA - OOS Tuition Waiver + $6,000

Congrats on your admissions.

U of Arizona will be your “big school” experience with American sports.

Georgia State is in downtown Atlanta. UT Arlington is a big, more commuter school.

I’d choose U of A - because if I was coming from overseas, I’d want that traditional college environment. All three seem to have a decent International student population.

I dont’ know much about UTA but U of Az is a much better environment (to me) than Georgia State - which is in the big city. U of A is in a big city but a few miles from downtown (a smaller downtown than Georgia State) and has incredible desert and mountains (including skiing) not far.). Admittedly, I’m a huge U of Arizona fan.

As for safety, you can look at each school’s safety data.

As a baseline, you can see what Niche grades each - although I don’t know how the grade was earned:

UT Arlington B
U of Arizona C+
GA State C

Given that you have a 4.0 GPA UW (to get $22k at Arizona), hopefully you applied to other schools if any others interested you as well.

Best of luck in your studies.

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Yes i have applied to UTD, UT Austin, MSU, and many more, i even got admit from MSU with 18k scholarship

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