Can anyone tell me about UT and yheir forensic science program
Life on campus???

Hi! So I attended UT for a year and ill give you all of my honest opinions and observations… I was a forensic science major too!

For me I really enjoyed a few of my teachers and really enjoyed taking criminology and criminal Justice classes there, I did learn a lot. However, a majority of the teachers I did have either weren’t there for long because they taught at other prominent universities, or they did not like UT themselves. Also with regards to the academics at UT, theyre not rigorous at all so its really easy to get by. UT pays most of their money towards how the campus looks, not the academics. They would probably want to plant another palm tree rather than looking for better ways to make the education or food better there (in my opinion).

Life on campus can be good if you are upper class, meaning a lot of the people here are loaded. It can be hard to fit in if you’re a minority, or if you’re not as rich as most people there are. The common areas and dorms are really nice and big though, but my toilet broke three times. Not sure if thats my bad luck or not lol. There is a decent selection of clubs here that you can participate in though. If you are into the party scene I would really consider another place because there is not much to do besides go to a few janky bars, and one good club. The frat parties here aren’t good and get raided almost every single time.

For me UT wasn’t my fit so I did transfer, but I do know some people who really liked it and cant wait to go back. It all depends on how you are and your preferences.