UTD or TAMU(Engineering)

I’m a prospective engineering student and I need a comparison on how the engineering schools are at these universities and the opportunities they give.

You could well with a engineering degree from either of these schools.

TAMU has been around a long time and has an excellent reputation when it comes to engineering. They have alumni all over the world and the alumni do support the school and it graduates. That being said, one of the differences between the 2 schools is that at TAMU you are not accepted into a specific engineering discipline as a freshman, only into engineering. You have to compete your freshman year for your spot and depending on which discipline you choose, that can be stressful.

UTD is a newer school and its reputation is in the growing stage. It is known as a STEM school and its graduates are sought after especially in the Dallas/FT Worth area. You are accepted into your specific engineering discipline. UTD also does not have a couple of the disciplines such as chemical or aeronautical engineering. Its facilities are brand new.

The major difference between the 2 schools that made the decision for my kids were the the different environment between the 2 schools. TAMU is a huge school in a small urban area without an airport, a large sports, greek and school tradition focus, a conservative environment, a country/western focus, little diversity and everything in that area is about TAMU. UTD is the exact opposite. UTD is a midsize school in a huge urban area, with a small sports and greek presence, still establishing its school traditions, more of a liberal bent with huge diversity.

I think your decision should take these differences into consideration. I have known kids that have transferred both directions because they were not happy with the environment of the other school. Also, finances, if either one allows you to graduate without debt, go for it. You will get a good education and good job prospects from both.

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This is helpful. Thanks. My kid realizes that UTD is a FAR different experience from A&M and many of the other UT campuses, but it does have a certain draw. I think its reputation has been getting better every year. Some of the big tech companies like TI have put a lot of support behind it.