<p>So my two options are these schools, since several of my other schools didn't have good FA packages and the rest denied me (should've ran NPC's for those, I know). But here's my plan as of now, which will likely change: I'm planning on transferring after freshman year. Keep in mind, though, that my mind is wide open to these schools and I will make a good effort in making the best of my time there and, if for some reason I'm still not satisfied, I know what to look for in my transfer schools, financially speaking (i.e. running the NPC's and knowing what the numbers mean; also applying to schools that meet 100% need and are need-blind, including for transfers, and yes I understand that many schools in this category are selective).</p>

<p>UTD Pros:
1. Big scholarship. My parents only have to pay $5000 for everything, including R&B. Not only that, but I get stipend of $3000 a semester to deal with as I wish.</p>

<li><p>I hear that the student-faculty relationships tend to be more intimate than UTA</p></li>
<li><p>Good on sciences</p></li>

1. Having walked around the campus, I wasn't too impressed with the buildings and such. Maybe it's because the campus was pretty quiet when I visited, but still. Who knows, it may change later on.</p>

<li><p>CS-bent. Out of all the sciences, computer sciences seemed like it had probably one of the strongest presences on campus. I like a school with balanced sciences, arts, and humanities, and I feel as though UTD is predominantly sciences.</p></li>
<li><p>No defined classics courses. The school has Greek and Arabic, but no Latin or civilizations, and I would like to study Latin and civilizations, and perhaps maybe other archaic languages. This brings me back to the seemingly skewed interest in sciences.</p></li>

<p><strong>That's not to say I will become a Classics major, although I'm seriously considering it. I always thought I'd be a (Cell) Biology/Biochemistry major, which is still my preference, but I love Latin as well and want to study it further. It's sorta a growing interest and it might just be as big as my interest in Bio.</strong>*</p>

<li>I heard it's mainly a commuter school.</li>

<p>UTA Pros:
1. City and surroundings more tailored to college life, from what I've heard, although I've yet to see Dallas in detail.</p>

<li><p>Happier students and more student interaction.</p></li>
<li><p>An actually defined Classics major</p></li>
<li><p>More prestige</p></li>

<p>UTA Cons:
1. Might be a bit concerned about the large student population, although I still don't know how it feels like to be a part of a large crowd.</p>

<li>Cost. It's totally affordable for my parents IF I take out $4-5000 in loans per year. I know it's not crushing and, according to what CCers say, is perfectly doable, but it's kinda hard to beat a loan-free school that pays you $6000 a year to study there. Nevertheless, my parents can definitely afford UTA with my small loan</li>

<p>I know my opinions are vastly speculative, which emphasizes my point that I will try whatever school I end up in and assert myself as much as I can since it's too early to be thinking about transferring. Why would I transfer? Well I didn't exactly plan on going to either school; I wanted to get out of Texas for my college experience, but unfortunately my guidance counselor wasn't very good in suggesting schools because she thought I'd be able to get good scholarships from faraway schools. Turns out, those scholarships still weren't enough, and their FA packages overall sucked. None of them promised to meet 100% need, and these were mostly private, Tier 2 schools.</p>

<p>But I digress; which school would be a better fit for me? I've yet to visit UTA, but my parents don't have the time and they can't schedule anything as of now since they JUST found new jobs and can't request any vacations as newbies. </p>

<p>*P.S. Can anyone suggest any EC ideas that pertains to Classics? </p>

<p>Thanks for reading my long post!</p>


<p>As a quick addition, another reason why the stipend is important is because I was planning on using some of that money to visit some schools, since a lot of them take demonstrated interest pretty seriously.</p>