UTK Nursing 2024

Hi y’all! it’s that time of year and utk’s nursing decisions are starting to come out! please feel free to list your stats:
State Residency:
I was accepted into the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences as this was my second choice major and my nursing application is currently under review! I applied 10/30 and was accepted 11/20.

SAT: 1380
ACT: n/a
GPA: 4.45 (weighted)
Rank: 12/220
State Residency: Out of State (PA)
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Applied: 9/22/19
Decision: Accepted into The College of Arts and Sciences (second choice) on 10/5/19.
Accepted into College of Nursing on 10/30/19.

Chances of getting in?
State:in state
Extracurriculars: lot or extra curriculars and leadership positions
2 good letters of recommendation
Accepted into college of arts and sciences on 11/26 and told multiple times they are still reviewing my application

how did you find out you were accepted? Did they send an email or what? I applied for nursing as my top choice and I haven’t heard back yet.
SAT: 1230
GPA: 4.00 W: 6.22
RANK: 8/360
Ethnicity gender: female, white Hispanic
Accepted/ denied:
Still haven’t heard back from nursing, but was admitted to my second choice major in the college of engineering for Biomed. I applied in October sometime and was accepted in early December.

My daughter applied to UTK on 10/29, was admitted into her second choice major, Nutrition on 11/18, but we still haven’t heard about nursing either. Hope decisions will be released soon, she is super excited and UTK is on the top of her list. Fingers crossed.

My daughter has been accepted into this program and is very excited! It’s in her top 3 at this point. Looking to get feedback from any current UT nursing students/their parents as to how happy they are, etc. Would love any advice/feedback. Big decision!

TSlope, Congratulations to your daughter! It is on the top of my daughter’s list too. We are still waiting on a decision. She was accepted to the university on Nov 15th so we had hoped for a decision by now. When did your daughter apply? Did she find out through her portal, email or a letter in the mail?
What other schools did your daughter apply to? Praying for some good news soon! Congratulations again!!

Congrats @TSlope ! My daughter is a freshman nursing student at UTK and she loves it.

The nursing program is rigorous the first semester with Bio, Chem, Calculus, English and Psych. The program is designed to finish the general education requirements during the first 2 years so the junior and senior years are only nursing classes and clinicals. It’s direct entry but they must maintain a 3.2 GPA at the end of their sophomore year to advance into the upper class program.

If your daughter does deiced on UTK, I’d apply for The Pulse Living and Learning Community (LLC) ASAP. It’s a fabulous program. All the nursing students live in the same dorm. Since they mostly take the same classes, they study together. It only lasts the first semester but, they live in the dorm their entire freshman year.


BTW, the dean of nursing is an absolute delight. In fact, the nursing staff at UTK could not have been more friendly and welcoming to us.

Hope this helps.

So great to hear! Can’t thank you enough for this feedback!

Hi all,
First time here!
OOS: Illinois
Ethnicity: Mix (Caucasian/Asian)
Daughter applied 8/2019
Accepted to second choice major 10/19
Accepted to the Nursing Program 1/24/2020
ACT: 27
GPA: 4.1 (weighted)
Rank: 82/517
NHS and Illinois Scholar
Still debating between UTK and another school, hope to commit in a few days! Good Luck all :slight_smile: