utsa- any place to see ap scores

<p>sorry, there isn't a utsa thread for me to put this in</p>

<p>is there any place online where i can check my ap scores, specifically in the utsa website? i know other people who have been able to check their scores from their university sites, but its really hard to find things on the UTSA site. please help!</p>

<p>thanks- bumble</p>

<p>you must be a CAP student?</p>

<p>You should just call the AP people, or UTSA.(if they have your scores) Or you could try emailing your academic adviser.</p>

<p>^yup, well for now... i actually really like the utsa campus, but we'll see how that pans out.</p>

<p>i guess so. i was hoping there'd be a way for me to just see it online</p>

<p>O thats cool, yea just go ahead an email your adviser. Whenever you go to orientation they should be able to tell you.</p>

<p>Yeah I just called the edna lady up, and I found out my scores. So it's allgood- thanks :)</p>

<p>just check your unofficial transcript online (ASAP) and you'll see if you got any AP credit</p>