UVA and William and Mary

<p>Hello Everyone!
Could you please gauge my chance at these two schools? I am transferring from NVCC (community college).
My Stats:
Gpa: 3.553
ECs: 1. Kennedy Center volunteer (15 hours a week)
2. violinist
3. member of Phi Theta Kappa honor club
4. volunteer sunday school bible teacher (6 hours a week)</p>

<p>I relaize these are tough schools to get into so please be BRUTALLY honest. I have safety schools I'm applying to but UVA and Wm are my first choices.
THank you!</p>

<p>and I hope this helps: I've completed 64 credits.</p>

<p>I'd say a 45% chance at either school. If your GPA were higher, say around 3.75 +, you'd be in.</p>