UVA Architecture, U Miami Architecture, or Ohio State Architecture

I’m going to college this upcoming fall (Fall 2020), and I’ve narrowed down my acceptances to UVA, the University of Miami (Florida), and The Ohio State University, all of which I’ve been accepted to the architecture schools. Obviously, UVA architecture is the highest-ranked, being a top 10 school for architecture and very prestigious; however, I’m a Virginia resident and cannot stress enough how much I want to get out of VA and experience something else for my college years. Also, I’m a city girl and would much rather be in Columbus OH or Miami FL than Charlottesville. What’s stopping me from eliminating UVA altogether is solely the fact that it is SUCH a good architecture school and well-known by employers and firms throughout the country, and I don’t want to pass up that opportunity.
So basically, my question is–what should I do? Can I still be as successful as an architect if I go to U Miami or OSU, or is UVA architecture so superior that it would be silly to pass up?
What draws me to U Miami is that it’s a good school and also in a location I love. The campus is beautiful, the weather is great, and I’ve already found some amazing people I like on the Facebook page. In terms of Ohio State, I literally fell in love with Columbus, the huge campus, and the great opportunities (because it’s so big!). I also have met some amazing people at Ohio.
I want to want UVA so badly–I just don’t, I want to experience something new–but is UVA arch too good to pass up?

@user_8208304 First, just want to make sure you’re aware that of the 3 schools you’re looking at only Miami offers a 5 year Bachelor OF Architecture. UVA and OSU offer the 4 year Bachelor of Science IN architecture.

With a BArch you can immediately start on the path to becoming a licensed architect. With a BS in Architecture you will need to get a Masters of Architecture.(in most states; there are exceptions). The MArch can take from 1 to 3.5 years depending on your undergraduate degree and the MArch program requirements. There’s a great deal of variation from program to program.

BS Architecture programs are not rated. UVA’s high rating is for their MArch program. Of course the calibre of the architecture school as a whole influences the BS program as well, and I agree that a BS Architecture from UVA would provide a wonderful foundation for an MArch – at UVA or any other school. I believe that with a BS the UVA MArch takes 2 years. Admission isn’t 100% guaranteed, but it’s assumed for UVA BS students of good standing.

The firm that my son works for in Boston recruits UVA BS grads as entry level designers. They often work for a year or two before heading back to get their MArchs at UVA or other schools.

UMiami has an energized BArch program, with a focus on design and urban community engagement. In recent years the program has upgraded considerably, attracting accomplished students as well as highly regarded industry professionals.

I don’t know much about architecture at OSU but the parent university would offer a traditional Big 10 school experience which might be a plus or a minus depending on your preferences.

I have no doubt that you could be “successful as an architect” with a BArch from Miami or a BS from OSU. Top ranked MArch programs admit students from all sorts of undergraduate backgrounds, and I’m sure that both would provide the foundation that you’d need. (Many architects now get an MArch, even if they already have a BArch.)

To me the major advantage of attending a highly ranked school is the name recognition which leads to industry networking with visiting professionals and a wider range of internships. If you are considering Miami or OSU, you should look at the experience of the visiting professors and critics and ask about where students have held summer internships and entry level jobs after graduation.

My daughter has a similar decision to make about her 3 choices for architecture this fall. She is a Florida resident however. Apologies …no hijacking intended. She was admitted to the following 3 universities.

University of Virginia B.S. arch out of state awarded $18,600 scholarship but out of pocket cost annually at least $41K.

University of Florida BDes. Arch full Florida Bright Futures for tuition and fees so room and board about $14k a year.

University of Miami 5 year B.Arch full tuition scholarship for 5 years plus bright futures and FL EASE grant for 4 years so out of pocket costs about $7k a year for first 4 and a little more about $15k the 5th year.

She will still go to graduate school afterwards for her M.Arch.
Thoughts, input, opinions, or ideas given each university, given actual costs for major versus return on investment?

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No intention to hijack your thread but my daughter is in a similar situation.
She was admitted to and is deciding between three universities, two of which are the same as yours.
I would be interested in opinions, feedback, input, or ideas based on each school, program, and actual costs versus return on investment.

She understands the first 2 are pre-professional but she plans on pursuing the M. Arch and graduate school afterwards regardless.

University of Virginia B.S. Arch She is out of state as a Florida resident and was awarded a scholarship of $18,600 annually but out of pocket costs will still be at least $41K for us

University of Miami B. Arch. Full tuition scholarship for 5 years, plus $7K Florida Bright Futures scholarship and $2,800 Florida EASE grant so our out of pocket costs will be about $7k for the first four years and about $15k in year five.

The University of Florida BDes. Arch. plus honors program. She is in state with Full Florida Bright Futures Scholarship which covers tuition and fees so room and board will run about $14k per year.

Interested in others’ ideas and thoughts for each university and their program given actual costs for us with consideration for return on investment and planning for graduate school in the future which we also need to pay for later. I know if cost was not a factor she would choose UVA…but money is a factor for most people and it is the same for us.

Thanks and stay well.

@Northeasterngrad2X Whether your daughter’s first choice UVA is “worth” the additional cost really depends on your family’s financial situation. The MArch – from UVA or any other school of architecture – will cost in the range of $100K (more or less depending on the length of the specific program and potential grants received) so the difference between UVA and the others is considerable.

Return of investment in architecture is also difficult to quantify. After working a few years and getting fully licensed, an architect can bring in a comfortable income, but it’s definitely not a get-rich-quick profession. The reward lies more in the passion that many architects have for the work.

UVA’s school of architecture is highly regarded, definitely on the east coast but I think throughout the country. The parent university also has excellent overall academics and strong name recognition which may be a factor should architecture not work out for your daughter.

As I mentioned in my earlier post U of Miami has built a reputation for hip, multi-cultural urban design. I don’t know much about U of Florida’s architecture program (except that one of my son’s close friends in graduate school was a BS.Des graduate, and he’s done well).

For both Florida options, I would ask where students intern during summers, where they end up working after graduation, where they go to graduate school. I would also look at the backgrounds of the permanent faculty and of visiting instructors and critics. This are where connections are made and resumes built.

My observation is that the terminal degree (either the BArch or MArch) has the most influence on ultimate job placement, and that top ranked MArch programs admit students with a wide range of undergraduate experiences. Financial aid mostly in the form of grants is available to MArch students, but it’s difficult to project as programs vary widely in duration and funding.

Thank you.
It really comes down to this…
University of Miami 5 year B. Arch awarding my d $260k total award over 5 years plus the state of Florida adding 40k. Bassically a Free undergrad education offering a 5 year professional degree. Leaves all our money in her 529 for a M. Arch afterwards.

UF 4 year pre professional BDes. Arch. Will cost us about 48k total for 4 years. Will still need a masters to pay for afterwards.

UVA 4 year B.S. arch will cost 140k total. Will still need to pay for a M Arch afterwards as well and to pay for also.

I have 2 graduate degrees from Northeastern…no one has ever asked me about my undergraduate bachelor’s degree from Connecticut.
They have always only considered my graduate degrees only.

If you have a bachelor’s degree does anyone care or ask about or for your high school diploma…no they don’t.
Cheers stay well

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