UVA Safety Concerns

D is at UVA off campus and there has been an uptick in crime. However my other daughter in another city has experienced the same. And my local mid-sized cities are all experiencing the same.

Local governance can’t seem to get on board with a cohesive approach to eradicating
gun violence.

“If it bleeds, it leads.” – a saying about news reporting putting crime news front and center. The actual crime decline (probably due to the reduction and end of leaded gasoline 16-18 years earlier) has been accompanied by general belief that crime is increasing. However, COVID-19 disruptions may have caused significant changes in crime (up for some kinds, down for others).


With respect to Charlottesville specifically, wasn’t the police response to the 2017 Unite the Right event unsatisfying to many people?

Charlottesville (home of UVA) is in chaos when it comes to leadership.
The current City Manager, Chip Boyles announced his resignation effective Oct. 29th. This instability impacts students as it’s the City Manager who appoints the Chief of Police (who presumably oversees the safety and security of the town!) This is the 6th City Manager in

4 years. It’s a difficult time to be a student here knowing that your safety is at risk.

Doesn’t appear to be unique or isolated to UVA…

Cal Poly appears to have a serial rapist harming people.