UVA vs. Colgate

<p>I have a brother who is deciding whether to apply to Colgate or UVA E/D next year. He is a bit of a prestige whore, so a) which one is more prestigious and b) which will provide a better overall undergrad education? He is going to major in economics. He is from New York and money is not an issue.</p>

<p>i would venture to say, especially from nys, that colgate is more prestigious, and the smaller class sizes and more individualized relationships would give colgate an edge in undergrad education... but uva is a good school as well.</p>

<p>thank you for the reply. any other opinions would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I'm from New York City, and while I think UVA is more prestigious, I think Colgate offers a better education. Colgate focuses more on the individual; UVA focuses on everybody as a whole. UVA, I believe, has a more recognizable name, but Colgate has a better academic reputation. </p>

<p>...this is just one unbiased person's opinion. disagree if you wish.</p>

<p>I have a daughter making the same decision. I am a graduate of UVA Law School and have some obvious familiarity with UVA. Overall, I believe in the business world, both schools share an equal reputation for quality oif academics. Your classes at UVA will tend to be larger and more impersonal. However, Charlottesville puts Clinton to shame. I believe that for an OOS student, UVA is difficult to get in to--perhaps more so than its academic reputation would justify. However, I am a big fan of its Honor Code. The real question in my mind is whether a New Yorker would enjoy being in Virginia--it is different. On balance, I do not think you can go wrong at either school--make the decision on how you feel when you visit.</p>

<p>Sorry--too many schools. I obviously meant C-Ville puts Hamilton to shame.</p>

<p>i' from northen VA and have chosen to apply to colgate ed over uva. it was a tough choice. being from va everyone i know is applying to uva, an no one has ever herd of colgate, if u are going for prestige uva is the one, but its a bigger school and less focus on the individual, i also think that uva is overrated its harder to get into than it should be</p>

<p>What stonecold said.... :) I have been down to VA (lived in VA/DC for two summers) and enjoyed my time but there's something about upstate NY that brings me back.... There's definitely a difference in the air.</p>

<p>Well, it depends on what your brother wants...if he wants a small, personal environment, then UVa's certainly not for him. But if he wants a larger school with more diverse course selections and other opportunities, then Colgate's not for him.</p>

<p>well if he is interested in living somewhere other than new york later in life than go to UVA but colgate is an awesome school</p>